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United States of Africa Summit and Wedding Ceremony

On the 14th of January 2023, the Fiber Optics inventor, Dr Thomas Mensah attended a program summit at the Kumasi Lancaster Hotel which was titled,’ UNITED STATES OF AFRICA SUMMIT AND WEDDING CEREMONY.

The unity agenda summit was designed to champion the collaboration of the Africa government and the African people from the family level.

Mr Atta Junior Kuffour (Ing.& Chartered Analyst) pioneered this idea to unify people from the base of family members during his wedding at the Kumasi Lancaster Hotel. The wedding occasion was used to educate friends and family members about the United States of Africa agenda.

The Fiber Optics Inventor, Dr Thomas Mensah made a pronouncement that, Black Africans are  also capable of doing great things with great minds in  the aspects of technology innovation advancement. Africans can also build robots and other great machines.

Dr Thomas Mensah also revealed that, Nanotechnology Engineering in Africa shall help to advance research into materials for industries, construction, and manufacturing in Africa.

He also mentioned his book titled: ” The Right Stuffs Comes in Black Too” which also talks about black icons and legends from Africa. Ing. Atta junior Kuffour also disclosed that, his team is championing a common application platform to enable students to apply for any program in all the universities in Africa. He said, students in Africa should be able to link to each other to do a collaborative research and share ideas in their field of study.

Dr Thomas Mensah announces Ing. Atta Junior Kuffour as a great Professor in the Silicon Valley of Ghana and Cybersecurity expert.

Dr.Thomas Mensah mentioned that,Science and Technology education shall be a tool to transform Africa which would however,enable everyone to learn and create new things with their own talents.

Ing. Atta Junior Kuffour mentioned that, Ghanaian students can apply to schools in Rwanda,South Africa, Kenya,Egypt, Morocco,Ivory Coast,Seychelles Island,Senegal, Angola,Gabon,Togo,Burkina Faso,Mali,Namibia, Central African republic and many other States inside Africa and its surrounding Islands. 

He included that,Science and Technology education shall contribute to machines learning and artificial Intelligence for Africa development which will serve as a driving force in global technology to impact future generations in all fields of endeavors.


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